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Pennant Communications is a content strategy, editing, and plain language writing agency

with specific focus on ESG reporting. 

We use plain language because it works for everyone

Sustainability reports meet international ESG reporting standards more readily when they're written in plain English. Why? Because the essence of plain English is to put readers' needs first and international ESG reporting standards require this too. Green-washing is not acceptable. A thorough plain English edit ensures your report is clear, complete, balanced, reliable, trustworthy, and timely. 

More about NZX sustainability reporting standards [links to Proxima pdf]

We are Global Reporting Initiative certified

We've successfully completed training in sustainability reporting to the GRI Standards. We make sure we keep up-to-date with what the Standards require in your sustainability report so that we can help you meet your obligations. And we can connect you with consulting professionals in our network if you need additional expertise to complete your report process, for example, to assess which topics are material to your business.

We sometimes work pro-bono
This year, Paula’s thrilled to have been asked to help judge the 2019 People’s Choice Best Plain English Communication Award. The Plain English Awards celebrate and honour those organisations that put readers' needs front and centre in their communications. 

Paula also volunteers as a matchmaker for the Community Comms Collective in Auckland — matching community organisations with communications professionals who can help them achieve their communication objectives free of charge.


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