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I want a VW ID.3. It's an EV with a 330km range, and cool enough to persuade my husband to make the EV switch. But ID.3s are not available in NZ for a year or more. It's no wonder EV cars aren't taking off in NZ in the same way they have in Europe — amongst other things, take up is slow because drivers can see that the EVs on offer are already obsolete. 

The glorious VW ID.3 unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

At a gathering of local ladies recently, I introduced my 'I want an EV' conversation. The echo was unanimous: Everyone wanted an EV, but their 'petrol-head' partners couldn't be persuaded because the range was too short, the existing fleet was too valuable, and the cars (excepting the too-expensive versions) were ‘for girls’. 

Fast-forward to the weekend and I was at the cinema with my own 'petrol-head'. We went at the same time, but watched different movies — Apollo 11 and 2040.

  • Apollo 11 tracks the extraordinary success of Mankind to place men on the moon and bring them safely back to Earth. It’s an exceptionally good movie that documents a phenomenal success for technology in the 60s and for Man.

  • 2040 investigates the technologies that exist today that could be part of a sustainable future for our planet, and part of our everyday lives in 2040. It’s a welcome glimpse of a positive future in a conversation that’s too often dominated by doom. During the movie, Oxford and Cambridge economist Kate Haworth argues that the single most important thing we can do to combat climate change, is to educate girls.

Donald Trump wants to send men to the moon again by 2024, and spend and extra US$1.6 billion to do so [1]. Womankind is still waiting to land on planet Earth.

I’d like to see Trump’s billions re-purposed to educate impoverished women on Earth. This is the first priority for sustaining humankind here, on this planet, the only one we have. By educating impoverished women, we enable the most motivated workforce on Earth to nurture their land, manage their family size, and nourish their communities [2].

We could use some funds to educate petrol-heads too. And to lobby government and industry to bring forward the technology we need to look after New Zealand now.

Bring me a VW ID.3 in New Zealand and I will buy it.


[1] Trump Proposes Extra $1.6 Billion for NASA's 2024 Return to Moon

By Mike Wall, May 14, 2019

[2] Banker To The Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty, Mohammed Yunis, 2008


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